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Yukimi Lumaris

Shrieking Gun Cafe - futuristic-fantasy m/m serial

About Lumaris

Yukimi Lumaris is an independent artist and author. They are a parent, with one elderly dog and three cats. They live in the middle of no where, USA.

Current Projects [2024]

All of the publications and projects are inter-connected in the same universe, but spanning over different eras. SGC is the future setting of Chronicles of Fen, and you can read any series in any order. They are self-contained (although there may be an easter egg here or there.)

Projects for 2024
* Voices of the Old World, book I - Revision phase, will need beta readers later :)
* SGC episodes 7-10 -- 7 is complete, just need to beta read it
* Song of the Raven, book I - planning stages

Shrieking Gun Cafe - futuristic-fantasy m/m serial

Voices of the Old WorldEloth works as one of ten city-guard captains in the city of Tarvin. Sits on the council, has a say in local politics, even though he doesn't have much sway without making more alliances. He can't seem to do that, though, when he's forced into a pact with the thieves guild. In order to protect the city, he will have to face an impossible decision. Give up that which he swore his life to, and reveal the machines beneath the city - relics of the Old World - or keep it secret, knowing some technology should never be known to the world, and watch his beloved city burn.Tali is the key to awakening the machines beneath the city - the key to finding more old world tech. However, he is equally descendant of the very people who brought the Old World to its knees, crumbling cities and setting alight all that they knew. Aeteli. Monster. He bears the weight of those atrocities, the anxiety of if worries manifesting into the voices of Nothing and No One, haunting him like a plague.The Rebellion needs him though. They need him to find these relics, these hidden, lost knowledges of the Old World, in order to pushback and fight the rampaging Pyrasi Government. Their empire has stretched all over the world by now, threatening sovereignty in their mad pursuit for energy and resources. They will stop at nothing to control everything.Tali will need Eloth's help in locating the Machines before the Pyrasi find them, but Eloth's reluctance becomes his greatest challenge. The man who saved his life and perhaps means something more, only to stand in the way between Tali's duty and something he is unsure of - or afraid - to understand.The voice of Tarvin, of its history, of its future, whispers directly to him: what makes a monster?


under construction! If you need to reach out, my instagram is lumarisart or lumaris on deviantart.

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