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OVERALL SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTIONwelcome! Here I hope to streamline navigation between all the projects I'm currently working on.There will be a newsletter as well!
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Yukimi Lumaris

Shrieking Gun Cafe - futuristic-fantasy m/m serial

About Lumaris

Yukimi Lumaris is an independent artist and author. They are a parent, with one elderly dog and three cats. They live in the middle of no where, USA.

The Books' Setting - Why so many genres!

All of the publications and projects are inter-connected in the same universe, but spanning over different eras. SGC is the future setting of Chronicles of Fen, and you can read any series in any order. They are self-contained (although there may be an easter egg here or there.)


under construction! If you need to reach out, my instagram is lumarisart or lumaris on deviantart.

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